Saturday, May 2, 2015

Make things as simple possible, but not simpler ~ Albert Einstein

The  Goal of  Modular-Finance is to Make Complexity as Simple as possible but not Simpler.

For human beings, the only way to manage a complex system or solve a complex problem is to break it up. In the breaking apart, it is best to look for points of natural division, dividing the " the joints, as nature directs, not breaking any limb in half as a bad carver might"

Once the system or problem has been divided in this fashion, one can hide the complexity of each part behind an abstraction and an interface. The time to begin the process of breaking apart the system is when the complexity of the whole threatens to overwhelm progress toward the goal.

But how is it possible to "break apart" a complex system, without destroying it? How does one find the tightly connected modules in a welter of interdependencies? And how can the modules be separated from one another? Modular-Finance seeks to explain how individuals with knowledge can split apart a large design and task structure. 

HAT Tip ~ Design Rules, The Power of Modularity

On WALL Street - Complexity is the new opacity...Simplifying Complexity is now a required.... and That is the goal of Modular-Finance....

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