Friday, August 31, 2012

@WallStForMainSt: Tony Robbins brings in financial experts to simplify just how massive the US' debt problems are in this 20 minute...
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: The bland bravery of Richard Levin: Why Yale's resigning president won't be remembered for boldness
@ritholtz: Wacky Email of the Month: Obama to Rejigger DJIA $$
@chaubtu: if you've ever wondered why you get paid what you get paid -- listen to this podcast i produced for @MarketplaceAPM:
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: In a social business, every single employee represents your brand. To hire and keep the best, pay the best. #socbiz
@RDCushing: Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas from the Dismal Science >> #SmallBiz
@jennablan: Exclusive: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney rainmakers consider exit
@HuffingtonPost: Jennifer Lopez rocks a yellow bikini in Miami
@ValaAfshar: Success Is Random, So Court Serendipity by @drake_baer #business #startup
@NBCNewsBusiness: Bernanke: Fed will take on unemployment
@moorehn: "I don?t yet know how to stand up to society that calls me worthless 10 times/ day." Devastating story of unemployment.
@umairh: Superb. "@HBRrecs: Michael Porter and Co. on American Competiveness via @HarvardMagazine"
@OnlineBizss: Unsecured Loans Online
@profp_rod: Great interview on Bloomberg by Darden alum Patrick Mitchell.The Next Generation of Emerging Markets: Iraq #Darden #UVA
@ritholtz: WHY POLITICS ARE SO DAMAGING TO INVESTORS: Beliefs drive investors more than preferences: $$
@ValaAfshar: Here is why your company needs a Chief Customer Officer @HarvardBiz #CCO #CX

Thursday, August 30, 2012

@TheModularWorld: MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: The road of life has too many bends to be traveled without a plan. #bealeader
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: There is no finish line ... enjoy the journey and the companionship. #bealeader
@ShiftYourLife: "To me, if life boils down to one thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving." -Jerry Seinfeld
@victorricciardi: A Financial Planner's Reflections on the Past Four Years - The Smarter Investor ( via @usnews
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: The Election: It's The Food-Stamps, Stupid!
@dan_v_carvajal: What are the social costs of high-frequency trading? by Tyler Cowen #econ #economics
@openculture: "Do Scientists Pray?": A Young Girl Asks Albert Einstein in 1936. Einstein Then Responds:
@gatesed: #TEDtalk: Massive multiplayer games to teach science, new ways of problem solving: #edtech #STEM
@drewberman: What Are Amino Acids A Simple Explanation -
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: 8 Things I'd Do if I Were at a Hedge Fund via @jimcramer $JOY $DIS $VZ
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Why you should care about Big Tobacco's First Amendment rights
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Schizophrenia: Retirement ON By <1 DJIA Point, But Retirement OFF By <1 S&P Point
@tomfriedman: Great piece by Gillian Tett. This is where jobs conversation has to start.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: There's a huge difference between playing not to lose vs. playing to win. @AmyJoMartin #getinthegame
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Innovation is not born from the dream, innovation is born from the struggle. @simonsinek
@techFINSider: Crowdfunding gets a new platform, Face-tagram for the win, Manhattan start-ups head uptown
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Medical advice from 1910: Cocaine for sore throats and chloroform for asthma via @mental_floss
@UnlearningEcon: Simon-Wren Lewis, a prime example of a reasonable mainstream guy wrestling with the fundamental flaws of economics:
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @jack: "When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it."-Steve McQueen
@navarrotells: Do these personality traits look familiar - narcissism and cults

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Draghi's Master Plan Matrix
@YahooFinance: Ex-stock broker: I realized that most of what I did was bad for clients--so I quit @aarontask @hblodget
@econjared: A bunch of economic relationships are not behaving the way a lot of influential people say they should.
@TheModularWorld: MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @Ekaterina: "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greate ...
@pensionpartners: The Imperfect Balance Between Work and Life via @zite

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: Credit-card use in China is booming & only 55% of users say they pay balances in full ht @jasonzweigwsj $FXI
MW/AMFM wrote: @business901: Lean #ServiceDesign takes to the road: Closing the Gaps between Perception and Reality #lean #service #design
@EconomyWatch: Daily EconQuote: "A society in which consumption has to be artificially stimulated in order to keep production...
MW/AMFM wrote: @Nouriel: Should Fischer puncture the housing bubble? - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
@WSJ: The latest on the #GOP2012 convention delivered straight to your mobile device, on our Politics stream:
@DanielPink: What does it take to become an expert at anything? (via @bakadesuyo)
@Forbes: How Does Your Company's 401(k) Plan Stack Up?
@FTAlphaville: Ahhhh! No robots!
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Impact of social media and how to harness the customer awakening @harvardbiz #socbiz #cmo #cio #cco

Monday, August 27, 2012

@HarvardBiz: Self-awareness is a critical factor in building a successful business
@BruceBorup: Macroeconomic conditions continue to add to the uncertainty and #complexity of #strategic #business #planning
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@SeekingAlpha: Using Consistent S&P 500 Yield Dimensions For Dividends, Sales, Earnings And Book Value $IVV $SPY $VOO
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: A 1940s factory manual teaches male bosses how to 'supervise a woman'
@HarvardBiz: What Data Can't Tell You About Customers
@paysoncooper: Articles that will help you learn more about marketing - #mrktng
@FastCompany: #TheRules of Social Media: "Go beyond the dialogues: promote "multialogues," writes @betodovalleTF
@JesseLynStoner: RT @drbret: Good leaders tell good stories - via @ldrlb
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: We live in a knowledge sharing era where employees, customers are social and willing to give feedback. Listen loudly. #cxo
@ValaAfshar: "understand customers as people ?nuanced, dynamic, unpredictable? not just collections of data." #cxo
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: On the Fiscal Side: How have we used the Economic Stimulus? via @RecoveryDotGov $$
@FastCompany: "Stop thinking Campaigns & start thinking Conversations," writes @TIMJ_Neil #TheRules of Social Media!
@SeekingAlpha: The Fed's (Fictional) Intervention In The Gold Market, Part IV: Faulty Logic $GLD
@ManagersDiary: "No matter how carefully you plan your goals they will never be more that pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto." ~W. Clement Stone
@CharlesMunn1: A critical thinker considers all and enjoys it. The ignorant whine that it's too hard to consider all and nip at the ankles of those who do.
@GeoEconomics: #drheynen Escalating Identity Conflict ? an Ethnic Conflict. Has ?#Europe? Failed?
@GermanUSAcom: Ever wanted to find the best German places in America?
@MichaelKitces: Someone asked about retirement income designations. Best I've seen are RMA ( & RICP ( Any others?
MW/AMFM wrote: @tom_peters: Tom's Manifesto For the New Rules on Human Capital - ^SD
@SeekingAlpha: Recent IPO Yields Over 8% And Is Hitting On All Cylinders $OAK
@nytimesbusiness: Today's Economist: Nancy Folbre: Our Dis-Integrated Economy
@NBCNewsBusiness: Jury in Apple case: You can patent cool: $AAPL
@HuffingtonPost: The ultimate bikini FAIL compilation
@NBCNewsBusiness: Money-saving strategies taken to the max
@ritholtz: When Will They Learn, Version 47th $$

Sunday, August 26, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: The cheapest generation: Why car-buying for Millennials will never be what it was for Boomers
@UVA: What went into #UVa decision to decline Obama campaign request? Full statement here:
@Forbes: Economist Appearing On Max Keiser Show Forced To Resign
@ForbesTech: Economist Appearing On Max Keiser Show Forced To Resign
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @Jon_Ferrara: Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople - Harvard Business Review #Sales
@nytimesbusiness: A hardware renaissance is underway in Silicon Valley:
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Why the gold standard is the world's worst economic idea
@farnamstreet: Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making
@ForbesTech: Sexy Ads That Are Equal Opportunity
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @jowyang: The Future: Augmented Reality Gaming (Video) How does this make you feel?
@NYTimeskrugman: Ayn And The Apologists
@Zen_Moments: We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. ~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, August 25, 2012

@ewallstreeter: Billionaire Seth Klarman?s Favorite Healthcare Stocks
MW/AMFM wrote: @politico: Your Sunday talk show tip sheet:
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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Fought brain, lung, and testicular cancer and won; responsible for hundreds of millions of charitable work. Live strong.
Foot stall ladder
Rug pad
Shoe rack flat plug extension velcro strips water
@wonkmonk_: MIT's Technology Review: The Future of Work

Friday, August 24, 2012

@JonHaidt: I am leaving UVA and moving to NYU-Stern, where I'll apply moral psych to business ethics:
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Why pivot? Failure is a lesson. @FastCompany [good read] #business #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: 6 Must-Have Attributes of Social Media Managers: by @Belicove #socbiz #socialmedia #smm
@jilevin: Matt Taibbi: Wall Street Has 'No Fear Of Individual Punishment
@FisherTechNA: Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.~ Peter Drucker
@philoquotes: The energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~ Aristotle
@JesseLynStoner: Thanks for the RT @drericwood on my post "Manage the Challenges of a Matrix Organization"
@WSJtech: How Social Media Covered Empire State Shooting
@MKTWBurton: Buffett, Soros, Einhorn, Klarman, Ackman: The starting lineup for your fantasy fund-manager team:
@FastCompany: There hasn?t been any major, disruptive thinking in the overall home buying system. Until now.
@theboywilliams: Great article about contemporary evolution - "Human Change We Can Believe In" - via @prosyn #mustread
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Delighting customers is a team sport. View customer service is a process, not a department. Let us win together. #custserv
MW/AMFM wrote: @business901: Is Chaos prevalent in your Organization? Be honest - what to do... #lean #kaizen

Thursday, August 23, 2012

@Forbes: How to pull back the curtain and become a successful business storyteller.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "We do no market research." - Steve Jobs @briansolis
@jenmcclellan: Latest market commentary from Liz Ann Sonders, Schwab (an Edelman client).
@GoToMeeting: About to give a proposal? Brush up on your persuasive speaking in this webinar from @terrisjodin and steal the show:
@FastCompany: Contribute your social media mantras to our crowdsourced guide! Use the hashtag #TheRules or submit them here:
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: On Economic Deceivers And Propagandists
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: To create true innovation, consider who you want your customers to become @fastcompany #business
@atessabenefits: For many boomers, ?retirement age? is a moving target.
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Santelli Exposes The Political Fed Behind The Curtain As Romney Makes Bernanke A Target
@weeklystandard: Take Cover: Hmm.?Mark Zandi is?predicting boom times.
@marylynn3: What is personal disruption? Find out in this great interview by @jonathanfields w/ @johnsonwhitney
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Remembering Bill Thurston, the mathematician who helped us understand the shape of the universe
@GreatfulSpace: How the Law of Attraction works for you
@JesseLynStoner: RT @mkaplanpmp: Do you have purpose? by @JesseLynStoner #pmot #cio #agile #projectmanager #hr #leadership
@JesseLynStoner: Does your company culture resemble this classic arcade game? via @leaderchat
Thanks Charles
@CharlesMunn1: For an overview of physics, read this free (PDF) book, The Evolution of Physics, by Albert Einstein ?
@HuffingtonPost: Matt Taibbi: "Our best minds kind of suck at investing"
@villagevoice: The Greatest Sex Scene Ever Written: Failure And Success In The Age Of Unlimited Porno
@nprnews: The Cheapest Generation: Why Aren?t Millennials Buying Cars or Houses?
@ewallstreeter: How To Use Gmail For Sending Email From Different Addresses
@TheAtlantic: The cheapest generation: Why aren't Millennials buying cars or houses?
Retail Professional and institutional levels
@FactSet: 50 largest #hedge funds increased equity exposure by 3%, 45/50 showed an increase in equity assets in Q2?12
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@HedgeFundRisk: Confidence in US equity market structure sinks to new low, says TABB Group: United States funds... #hedgefund #risk
@Inc: Best Counterintuitive Email Marketing Advice, via @EntryLevelRebel
@ProSyn: Davies: New, stable relationship between financial authorities & private firms depends on reworking intellectual models
@mainandwallu: In a matrix organization/community U create a standard of excellence 4 your product or service and U play to it and improve it (Kaizen)
How does it work....How does it flow...
@delong: Alex Pareene: "Niall Ferguson trolls everyone in Newsweek: Getting every single fact wrong in a magazine cover story i"
@TheModularWorld: The US economy chili recipe tasteless bean counters, greedy bankers and promiscuous politicians willing and able for hire..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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@umairh: Sure, Jobs was a visionary. But an economy packed with tasteless beancounters made Apple's success like taking candy from a baby.
Manage for outcomes instead of textbook
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: What's the outcome I want? A question successful people ask themselves #leadership
@dscofield: RT @leadchangegroup: However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Winston Churchill
@McKinsey: CHART: 5 Business Models for Social Tech Over the Next Decade via @McKinsey_MGI #McKSocial
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Building self-supporting networks with social machines [my @Forbes interview] #cio #crm #e20 #TSIA
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: What is executive presence? and can it be developed? @HarvardBiz #leadership #management
@RDCushing: What is This Thing Called #TheoryOfConstraints and How Should It Be Implemented? - #ToC
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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @nilofer: "I have seen the future of work. It is no longer in those clear straight paths. It is in networks." - @deanna
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Social media influencers versus brand advocates: 5 must-reads #socbiz #socialmedia
@Nouriel: America?s clear choice: Franklin Roosevelt or Ayn Rand | The A-List | Real hard
@zerohedge: 'Anti-Goldilocks' And The Fed-Equities Nexus
@WSJspeakeasy: Ricky Gervais on the End of the American ?Office?
@YahooFinance: Warren Buffett: Investor or Trader?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: In the social era, frontline customer service empowerment is key to scaling the voice of your brand. #custserv
@TIME: PHOTOS: Seductive pictures from Argentina's world tango championships | (via @TIMENewsFeed)
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Adopt a TLC service design mindset - Think Like a Customer | lean, intuitive, and value driven. #custserv #cx
@TheModularWorld: MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Socialists know best RT @OpenEurope: French government refuses to lower growth forecasts to 0.1% as economist ...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Develop the habit of wonderment. imagine the possibilities, together. #leadfromwithin
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: The personality of the group represents your culture. The personality of the leader sets the tone. #leadfromwithin
@ValaAfshar: Develop a habit of purposeful discipline, based on value co-creation. #leadfromwithin
@AlterNet: What will cause the next banking crisis? And who will pay for it?
@ValaAfshar: "In the act of tearing something apart, you lose its meaning." ? Malcolm Gladwell
@JesseLynStoner: Everyone must provide leadership and assume responsibility for success in a matrix organization.
@ValaAfshar: In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. D Eisenhower
@tinybuddha: If your main goal is to make sure everyone likes & approves of you, you risk sacrificing your uniqueness & therefore your excellence. ~Anon
@ManagersDiary: "Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership." ~JC Penney

~mfim~ ModularFinance* in Motion

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." @jack_welch #socbiz
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win." #leadership #business
@BusinessPlanWeb: Live up to your company name -
@BusinessPlanWeb: How much do you charge for your products and services? Determine the value and charge enough to set you apart from your competitors.
@BusinessPlanWeb: Can you write your #Business #Strategy on one page? If you need more paper, your employees will struggle to understand and execute it.
@JesseLynStoner: Thank you! RT @blanchardcoach: Manage The Challenges of Working In a Matrix - by @JesseLynStoner via @SeapointCenter
Modern finance casino gambling and the game you play...
The Chess Game of ModularFinance*
@EconBizFin: Universal banks are a dreadful deal for investors
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: It is not easy to find a good #socialmedia person to represent your brand @fastcompany #cmo #smm
@TheModularWorld: @themotleyfool: Funny thing about businesses and consumers: Neither's all that great at predicting the economy's future. Here's why: htt ...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Deloitte: by 2014, most companies will adopt gaming concepts in business #socbiz #e20 #cmo #cio

Monday, August 20, 2012

@DRUDGE_REPORT: Dental health 'linked to dementia'...
@JesseLynStoner: Four challenges of a matrix organization and how to trump them:
@LollyDaskal: RT @gwynt: JesseLynStoner provides some excellent guidance on how to "Manage the Challenges of Working in A Matrix
@CNBCWorld: Who Needs Banks? Rise of Asia's State Credit Agencies
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: As @PamMktgNut said: communities build the brand. #mmchat
@thenation: Economist @RBReich takes to the easel to break down the tenets of Paul Ryan's economic plan:
@BusinessPlanWeb: Now Available! Survival Kit for Small and Medium Businesses - Profit from your Business Risks...
@BusinessPlanWeb: Now Available! Survival Kit for Small and Medium Businesses - Profit from your Business Risks...
@openculture: Victorian slang - a guide to sexual Victorian terms. A tad NSFW --
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Cheniere (LNG) going much higher: China fund invests in US gas export plant
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Looks like Buffett has lost a few hundred million on the muni CDS position: inception 20 bps, novation 80 bps, $8.25bn notional
@TheAtlantic: Can a computer algorithm tell us what makes Paris look so, well, Parisian?
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Career Risk Panic: Only 11% Of Hedge Funds Are Outperforming The S&P In 2012
@jilevin: 352 members of Congress left office since 1998. Where are they now?
@ritholtz: Triage $$
MW/AMFM wrote: @business901: RT @flowchainsensei: "Whatever you say it is, it isn't." ~ Alfred Korzybski
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: There is no safety in the status quo. Embrace chaos and learn to unlearn. Disrupt yourself. #usguyschat
@AlterNet: How risky is oral sex?
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Shared knowledge is power - today's social era is defined by our ability to share insights to fuel collaboration. #cxo
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: A river without boundaries is a puddle - provide guidelines for employees but empower them to do what's right. #cxo
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Thoughtful and consistent communication of core values and guiding principles bonds employee commitments. #cxo
@farnamstreet: From the weekend, a must watch: Thinking That We Know ? Daniel Kahneman
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: From April: How The Fed's Visible Hand Is Forcing Corporate Cash Mismanagement
@MarketWatch: Yield caps would be a powerful new ECB weapon
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: Finally someone discusses optimal use of cash flow, and why dividends and buybacks is among the worst choices
@HuffingtonPost: Paul Krugman bashes Niall Ferguson's Newsweek cover story
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@markbeck: When you get to the end of your rope tie a knot and hang on. - Winston Churchill
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: Goodbye Civilization: So Simple A Greekman Can Do It
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Corporate culture matters more than you think v @msuster #business #socbiz #leadership
Help investors build and manage portfolios that can adapt to structural change
@HarvardBiz: Turning Customer Intelligence into Innovation
MW/AMPM - an investment platform and strategy design to adapt and adjust to structural change
@MartinaMcGowan: How Not to Steal People's Content on the Web via @HubSpot
TMW wrote: @Nouriel: Highly unlikely that the ECB will announce formal and explicit targets for bond yields.
@BusinessPlanWeb: Keep your business mission statement short. If you can put your mission statement in your business name, so much better.
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TMW wrote: @tom_peters: RT @Billy_Cox: Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions! Benjamin Disreali
@RDCushing: Optimize Your Twitter in 4 Easy Steps | #SocialMedia #marketing #SmallBiz

Sunday, August 19, 2012

TMW wrote: @NewYorker: .@BorowitzReport - Republican Congressman Proposes National Security Role for Uterus:
TMW wrote: @NewYorker: .@BorowitzReport - Republican Congressman Proposes National Security Role for Uterus:
@ReformedBroker: Rep Todd Akin has some interesting ideas about legitimate rape
@paulhelmick: "The more monetization you do on a social network, the worse the consumer experience becomes" (via Instapaper)
@LegalZoom: Delivering a Powerful 10-Minute Investor Pitch #smallbiz
@themotleyfool: California's finances are a mess and why it's no longer a good idea to be in the investment industry:
@LaurenYoung: Does a Bullish Stock Market Predict a Faster Recovery?
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Aside from skill, winners have a formula for success - 10 steps @harvardbiz #leadeship
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: #TheRules of social media - connect people and the dots will follow. Collaborate purposefully, connect gratefully. @FastCompany
TMW wrote: @StockTwits: Why Facebook's IPO Was Not the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History via @reformedbroker $FB
@rszbt: A quantum computer will be a game changer: RT @physorg_com: Physicists demonstrate that 15=3x5 about half of the time"
@ftfinancenews: Spitzer defends Wall Street research changes
@MainandWall: U can't model the future because U don't have the data.. build systems to balance deliberate and emerging strategies that can adapt 2 change
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: My company was voted #5 best place to work in Boston 2012 by BBJ. Our annual attrition is < 2% with NPS of 81. CULTURE.
@TheModularWorld: TMW wrote: 1/2: @ValaAfshar: RT @SteveCase: Niall Ferguson: Don't Believe the Techno-Utopian Hype @nfergus: "Some s ...
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: Guest Post: Former Marine Arrested For Patriotic Posts On Facebook
TMW wrote: @StockTwits: RT @ScottPluschau Weekend Update in Gold: A great battle on the chart between the bulls and bears
@ValaAfshar: #TheRules of social media: think small town rules: Learn people's names, stay open a bit longer than advertised. @FastCompany
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @StanfordBiz: The right neurochemical cocktail for creativity? High levels of serotonin & dopamine -
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication @inc #innovation
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: The Modern Debt Jubilee
@ConfidentInvest: It's not if you're right or wrong, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong. -George Soros
@umairh: Wow. RT @petersims: $4.2 bil from finance since 2006 RT @ebertchicago: Washington's Wall Street sugar daddies.
@umairh: NB. When I use the term "Anglo-America", I'm not talking about you, or your pals. I'm talking about a set of institutions and a model.
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: Here is the New York Fed with the "stunning" revelation that short selling bans fail every time:
@InnoThinkGroup: Commoditization is the greatest threat to innovation. #Innovate #Strategy #smw #AMA
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: So ECB now (well, and back in 2011 apparently) says what "fair" rate is for Spanish bonds: 7? 6%? Why not -1% like Swiss?
TMW wrote: @zerohedge: So ECB now (well, and back in 2011 apparently) says what "fair" rate is for Spanish bonds: 7? 6%? Why not -1% like Swiss?
The more we print without creating growth the bigger the sand pile gets - and sooner or later the avalanche levels it...
@zerohedge: ECB's Latest Deja Vu Bluff: Rate Caps On Sovereign Bonds
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Are You Sure You're Not a Bad Boss? @HarvardBiz [a good checklist reminder] #leadership
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @lazerow: RT @HarvardBiz: In a Fast World, Think Slowly
@angrybearecon: It is in the interests of bankers and landlords to masquerade as capitalists: An comment worth noting on an ?in...
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you
are a leader."-John Adams
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Destiny is not a matter of chance. it is a matter of choice. @LollyDaskal
TMW wrote: @johnsonwhitney: Dare to sign up -- to draw yourself in to the Dare, Dream, Do teleclass beginning Sep 12!
@marcfaberblog: Marc Faber?s "100% Guaranteed" Prediction ? Revisited by @CommodityHQ
TMW wrote: @politico: Leading POLITICO this morning -- Ryan targeted on women's issues:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Global top 100 social media agencies and consultants 2012-13 #socbiz #socialmedia
@zerohedge: When Darwin Failed: "Fishing For Perfect Markets"
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @TheEconomist: Can computers analyse a sentence in terms of its component grammatical pieces?
TMW wrote: @ValaAfshar: Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it will vanish. Peter Drucker
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 @ValaAfshar: Hire people that extend your company's boundaries. Avoid those that try to stay within them. @levie #startup #leadership
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