Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MW/AMFM~ wrote: @WallStForMainSt: A must read article from zerohedge on how the scumbags from Barclays manipulated the market....
@Scienceofsport: Penalty fact: 30% of kicks go centre,but keepers dive left or right 94% of time. Pressure to "do something" costs save! Go middle! Or stay!
Modularfinance is the realm of hedgefunds and risk management...tactics mutualfunds modernfinance etfs designed for modularfinance
What is ModularFinance suite of services to help you think emergently

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

@Samuel_E_Amer: .@libertarianpprs - 9. "All Probabilistic Methods Assume a Subjective Definition of Probability" #mises #ancap #tlot

Monday, June 25, 2012

@MainandWall: MW/AMFM~ wrote: @mises: The concept accepted by most people today is the one that is deficient, and it is the acceptance of this invalid ...
The modularWorld is about design technology this is the new thing
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @EconBrothers: """It is an illusion to believe that one can maintain productivity and reduce the division of labor."", Mises"
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @Inc: What Your Brain Has to Do With Your Brand [VIDEO] via @Emergenetics_
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @EconBrothers: Many Questions Remain: Spain Officially Requests Aid for its Ailing Banks #macro #Europe
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @Bob_Bruner: RT @TheAtlantic: A paradigm shift in the tech industry: What ever happened to Silicon values?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

@WatchCenter: When Congress cashes in on the market #politics #teaparty
@ritholtz: Unemployment Rate Without Government Cuts? 7.1% $$
A modular multiverse has limitless and seamless breath and depth in real time
The cloud is the platform of the modular multiverse model...
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @mises: What, then, is the case for capital-based macroeconomics? Considerations of capital structure allow the time...
@MelissaMcCreery: Do you struggle with eating to feel better, to numb out, or as a reward after a difficult day? There's a better way.
@NormanDelamere: "The universe is an intelligence test." Timothy Leary #universe #intelligence #test #quotes
@NormanDelamere: "The universe is an intelligence test." Timothy Leary #universe #intelligence #test #quotes
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @StockTwits: RT @BusinessDesk: Bric nations rocked by aftershocks of eurozone crisis via The Guardian $MACRO $ECB
MW/AMFM~ wrote: @cavalierdaily: Thomas Jefferson Society calls for #Sullivan's reinstatement and resignation of Rector Dragas #UVA