Sunday, September 30, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: How gamification works in driving customer engagement and behavior change @stanfordbiz #socbiz #cem #cx
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Billions Of Dollars Are Pouring Into Social Media - Deck Shows Whether It's Worth It #socbiz #CMO
@EconBrothers: "Economics concerns itself with the greatest of all human dramas, the struggle of humanity to escape from want."",John M. Ferguson
@socialrithmic: 13 great blogging tactics including, defining the target audience
The week behind the week ahead and sunday reads...
A sunday morning paper - not to tell you what to do, but to change how you think ~ Or simply Give you something to think about...
Mf is not for the 47 percent of mitt or the man on th street of livermore
@pbsgwen: For your Sunday reading pleasure. My 5 myths about presidential debates. via @washingtonpost

Saturday, September 29, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Jim Webb on 'givers' and 'takers': 'This is not a culture of dependency'
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Quiet people have the loudest minds. ? Stephen Hawking
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: As Apple and Samsung dominate, Japan's tech giants are in a free fall via WaPo $EWJ
@MichaelKitces: First up #FPAExperience breakouts - "Old Media & Social Media - Advisors Formula For Business Growth" by Claudio Pannunzio of @IImpactGroup
@MichaelKitces: First up #FPAExperience breakouts - "Old Media & Social Media - Advisors Formula For Business Growth" by Claudio Pannunzio of @IImpactGroup
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: "Capitalism inevitably educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest.", Schumpeter
MW/AMFM wrote: @johnsonwhitney: "Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising." - Milton Hershey - v @HubSpot
MW/AMFM- the gamification (Game Theory) of WealthManagement - Show me the Alpha - the Value proposition!
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Friday, September 28, 2012

@jenmcclellan: I continue to marvel at how people use the words 'debt' and 'deficit' and 'financial' and 'fiscal'...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: He who has overcome his fears will truly be free. ? Aristotle
@TJsUVA: 9/28 Transparency Now! Video
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: The Capital Spectator: U.S. Economic Trend Update via The Capital Spectator $MACRO
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@pprothe: @sanchezjb I saw that and have been hearing more; cheating ultimately defeats ability to perform in real world, however. @nytimes #kaizenbiz
@pisarose: A3: Picture Aristotle at a F500 company: "Before we implement that biz model, fundamental questions must be answered..." #kaizenbiz
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: In a social business, collaboration helps bolster the individual and community's influence. #socbiz #leadership
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Mf deal with the dual mandate
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@Shotere34: #kaizenbiz #TGIF I love people like her!! So hottt
@Jabaldaia: A3 In the jungle I never heard a lion ask to the gazelle: Please! Can I eat you? Business is a jungle :) #kaizenbiz
@sanchezjb: Joining #kaizenbiz!
@RollingStone: Read our 2010 cover story on how Jay-Z runs the game, from Coachella to the White House: #longreads
@AncientProverbs: If you shoot for the stars & hit the moon, it's OK. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot. -Confucius
@onwallstreet: Ed Slott looks at multiple Roth conversions, deferrals and what happens to IRAs after death:
@businessinsider: What Wealthy Americans Think About The Economy Right Now by @lopezlinette
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Volume plunges. HFT levitation takes over
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@msuster: What Makes a Successful Startup Community? Is it Possible to Build One Where You Live?
This week in the modularworld... intelligence connects the dots the early bird gets worm a tbpo...
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Apple apologizes for its maps, suggests iOS 6 users try Google and Bing
@NBCNewsBusiness: Women clam up in meetings, study finds
@marketingwizdom: Can Ben Silbermann Turn Pinterest Into The World's Greatest Shopfront? | @fastcompany
@moorehn: If you wonder why the Bank of America acquisition of Merrill Lynch was such a problem, my piece from '09 w/ @dkberman
@JoeSaluzzi: For Sale: Used Econ 101 textbook - no longer relevant, talks about something called supply/demand and free markets.
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Real Disposable Income Has First Drop Since November 2011, Savings Rate Tumbles
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. - David Frost
@ritholtz: McLaren announces the new P1 $$

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Social #business transformation is led first by culture, people, process and lastly technology. Social is a mindset. #socbiz
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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Adaptability is a sign of intelligence.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: A culture of continuous improvement is crucial to organizational performance and survival. #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Santelli Vs. Liesman; Broken Pipes, Trickle-Down Frowns, And 'Imaginary' Inflation
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Summarizing What Spain Just Announced, And What Was Left Unsaid (Hint: Cash)
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: RT @ThomasSowell: "The only way the constitution can protect us is if we protect the constitution."
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "The key is to keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." Epictetus @CoryBooker
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: Housing Supply Signals Increased Employment via @ToddSullivan $IYR $XHB
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: The new middle class trap: 'I'm working really hard, but I'm not getting ahead'
@Bankrchick: Moment of clarity for me: "They win, & u lose. For the rest of your life, they will control how u feel about everyone."
@TheModularWorld: Differentiate - Select & Amplify ~ The Ultimate Algorithm
@vendyp_: If you would lift me up you must be on higher ground. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
@SoftwareGuruCPA: All that men know is almost nothing in comparison to what remains to be known. ? Rene Descartes
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: WEIDMANN SAYS ULTRA-EXPANSIVE MONETARY POLICY HAS SIDE EFFECTS. Mini printing presses for everyone
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Final Q2 GDP Disaster: 1.25% Growth Comes Below Lowest Estimate
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: DURABLE GOODS WEAKEST SINCE JANUARY 2009. No reaction in centrally planned market

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: To build resilience, kill the complexity @Harvardbiz #business #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Its not about the goal. Its about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal. - @tonyrobbins
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Can small-batch whiskey and a tiny balloon factory help predict the future of manufacturing?
@FinancialTimes: Opinion: Don?t be seduced by simplicity of ringfencing
@ValaAfshar: Don't be cynical. Critical thinking is good; be mindful of your attitude.
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Germany Does What The SEC Hasn't - Prepares To Ban HFT
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Why I refuse to vote for Barack Obama: The case against the president
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: 'We are what we repeatedly do': How we consciously form new habits via @brainpickings
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: The 30-year decline of American entrepreneurship
@nigelcameron: Sorry I shall not be at this yr's Singularity Summit. These are spiffy events, whether you are a True Believer or not!
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "The economy might be stagnant. But you don't have to be." @Harvardbiz #leadership #Tchat
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Quantifying The 6 Downside And 2 Upside Risks To Global Markets
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: Credit markets reversing post-QE3 euphoria via @SoberLook #econ
Are you looking for a product sales rep or a fiduciary investment manager ?
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Career growth is based on adaptability.
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: How Good an Investment Were the Bailouts? via @ritholtz $BAC $AIG $GM
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: How Good an Investment Were the Bailouts? via @ritholtz $BAC $AIG $GM
@Forbes: Why You Should Buy Your Little Boy A Princess Costume
@newsfromIN: What's the gadget most advisers can't live without?
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Another HFT firm busted for "providing liquidity"
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@RoubiniGlobal: American job losses caused by the recent financial crisis compared to losses in other financial crises, by @crampell:
@RoubiniGlobal: American job losses caused by the recent financial crisis compared to losses in other financial crises, by @crampell:
@scedmonds: Add your thoughts - : Is Your Target Success or Significance? #CoolCulture
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Structured products designed by the concept of modern finance cannot adapt and move on...break down...time sort it out...before get taken out...
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Is Facebook's business model doomed to be creepy?
TARP - Was not an investment program it was an entitlement program for the incompetent
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Chart Of The Day: Entitlements Or Growth
@davewiner: "This is what blogging was always supposed to be as far as I'm concerned."

Monday, September 24, 2012

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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Be careful of the status quo ... it feels safe, but it's not. Once in a while, learn to unlearn, and disrupt the routine.
@andrewrsorkin: Great Essay by Jim Stewart: A Law Firm Where Money Seemed Secondary
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: How to bring innovation to the funeral-home business. (No, really.) #StartupNation
@nytimes: Doctors Reminded to Screen for Alcohol Problems
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Guest Post: Pavlov's Dogs - An Overview Of Market Risk
@BWbschools: As the B-School World Changes, the Band Plays On
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Plunging SAT scores explains Bernanke's infatuation with morer greaterest QE
What Platform do you want to build your future on....
ModularFinance* is a investment Platform developed by MW - that seeks profit/alpha by adapting to change...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Innovation increasingly involves creating business models that tap big companies' unique strengths
@julie_segal: Equities vs. bonds. The headline says it all:
@julie_segal: One of the themes from my interviews with top research analysts on Friday: The model for buying/selling research has to change. #2012AART
@julie_segal: Equities research: not unlike journalism in the sense that someone has to be willing to write a check for it to continue. #2012AART

Sunday, September 23, 2012

@YogaArmy: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: The Fed Has Another $3.9 Trillion In QE To Go (At Least)
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: "It takes two to speak the truth -- one to speak, and another to hear." - Thoreau #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: RT @TheWolf_EB: Great Graphic: Lost Decade Ahead? #macro
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Dylan Grice wrote about rise of Hitler in 2011 and people went nuts ... Dalio does it and people fawn
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. -Thomas Jefferson
@ritholtz: @MarkThoma Why isn't "Neither" a choice? Economists need to lose their "physics penis-envy" . . .
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: In business as in life, all that matters is that you do something positive. - @richardbranson #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Some businesses take a bit longer to percolate. by @msuster #startups #ceo #vc
@ValaAfshar: You gain respect by giving it [1 min video by @Tom_Peters] #leadership
In TMW & Modfin* complacency is a trap...
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: From Complacency To Crisis Around The World
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Here comes the 4x leverage on european bailout story again. Good thing everyone forgot how it failed first time around
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Predicting a failure in your company, watching it happen, and then congratulating yourself for being right is pointless.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: How The Best Entrepreneurs Succeed: A Case Study
To run a Matrix takes a dif
To run a Matrix takes a different model that simple completely different concept paradigm
@jorgebarba: Innovation must reads of the week: The secret phrase innovators use
The root cause and the environment
Analyze the modularity of complex dynamic systems
@jasonzweigwsj: Today in financial history: Fed orchestrates bank bailout of Long-Term Capital Management hedge fund (1998) #WSJ $$
Bessemer trust

Saturday, September 22, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Everyday, good ideas are being killed by people who find safety in the status quo; there is no safety in status quo.
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: "What's Next?": Simon Johnson Explains The Doomsday Cycle
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: The final dumb contingent of Silicon Valley is our awesome, dumb investors. @dweekly #startup #ceo
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: The next phase of social: Converged Media. Get ahead in your career with this recording @jowyang #socbiz
@ValaAfshar: #TheRules of social media: trust and reciprocity is how we grow social currency. Be kind. @FastCompany #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: "Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything."
John Kenneth Galbraith
@delong: The Kocherlakota Shift at the Fed Is a Big Deal...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @sarankjones: RT @ValaAfshar: Do something nice for someone who cannot repay you. Simply the best feeling in the world.
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MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Peak Career Risk: Only 8% Of Hedge Funds Are Outperforming The Market
@Harvard: "We need multiple views, different disciplines, and conversations so that we can move forward in our understanding" -
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: To drive change, dare to link to carrots and sticks (and follow through). @harvardbiz @danielpink
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: To grow rapidly, you need to make something you can sell to a big market. #startup #ceo
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Transparency is about sharing beliefs.
MW/AMFM wrote: @StockTwits: Ray Dalio on QE3, Gold, China, Europe, & the Economy via @marketfolly $GLD $USDX $SPY $FXI $MACRO
@PhilKomarny: Marc Benioff's Greatest Show On Earth: What It Means For Salesforce, Oracle, And Others #CIO #edTech #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: If you are a #CIO in higher education, then you should follow and connect with @philkomarny - one of the best. #edtech
@TheBrainScience: Brain injury survivor speaks of experiences
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: A great read on why salespeople lose business - Harvard Business Review #sales #business #ceo
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Making too many decisions about mundane details is a waste of a limited resource: your mental energy.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Martin Luther King gave the 'I have a dream' speech, not the 'I have a plan' speech. - @simonsinek
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Martin Luther King gave the 'I have a dream' speech, not the 'I have a plan' speech. - @simonsinek
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: We should never let reality interfere with our dreams. Reality can't see what we can see. @simonsinek #innovation
Serial mastery
MW/AMFM wrote: @johnsonwhitney: "A typical Y-combinator company grows revenue at 5-7%/ week." - @paulg Start- v @davemclure

Friday, September 21, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: S&P comes up with numbers for US growth which its clients paid for
MW/AMFM wrote: @Nouriel: Kocherlakota converts from hawk to dove. It signal how worried the Fed is about US growth and the risks from the fiscal cliff.
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: On Santelli's Queasiness About Bernanke's Quantitative-Easiness
MW/AMFM wrote: @politico: Blame game on Hill as lawmakers depart, writes @KateNocera:
MW/AMFM wrote: @business901: Follow Jeff Bezos (Amazon) 2 pizza rule - if u u cant feed them w 2 pizzas, the team is to big #kaizenbiz
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MW/AMFM wrote: @business901: RT @Hoovers "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is." ~ Yogi Berra #kaizenbiz
Getting to the other side blackjack et el
The argument for and the shortcomings of and the wall street first jersey - jeremy segal mentality - sales and trading mentality
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: SAMARAS SAYS GREECE ELIMINATING ITS CREDIBILITY GAP. and with that statement it regained it all
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Bill Gross Summarizes Main Street's "Benefits" From QEternity
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Bill Gross Summarizes Main Street's "Benefits" From QEternity
@ritholtz: @AlephBlog @daveinbawlmer Thats the joke that separates the geeks from everyone else
@ObsoleteDogma: Ugh. Gillian Tett describes a speech Richard Fisher gave on QE3 as "powerful" cc @ryanavent
MW/AMFM wrote: @NewYorker: Lucky duckies or fat cats? Kelefa Sanneh on the enemy of democracy:
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Risk Asset Rally Not Sustainable Without Growth: Morgan Stanley. However sustainable with Inkjets
Sunshine Patriots and sunshine Advisors and clients
@ReformedBroker: RT @behaviorgap: You hire an advisor, not because they know how to use a calculator, but because they know how to use a compass
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: RT @ThomasSowell: Column: "The Fallacy of Redistribution"
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Dalio On Gold: Buffett Is Making A Big Mistake
@ladyxtel: Blogging for Business: How Content Can Improve Your Sales via @smexaminer
@ladyxtel: Blogging for Business: How Content Can Improve Your Sales via @smexaminer
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Gold up, stocks up, crude up, VIX up
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Dalio predicts "managed" depression in southern Europe
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: People 1st, people 2nd, people 3rd ... @tom_peters [a social business is a people business] #socbiz #leadership #DF12

Thursday, September 20, 2012

@FastCompany: Get Ready For Branding?s New Frontier: Hedge Funds
@ManagersDiary: "The really important things are said over cocktails and are never done." ~Peter F. Drucker?#business?#leadership
@weeklystandard: A State Department Ad Repudiating Churchill?: Politico reports that "the Obama administration is airing ads on P...
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Being social shrinks the world - in a good, quaint village like manner. #socbiz #DF12
@tbithewire: Tour The Ritzy Seoul District That Inspired Viral Hit 'Gangnam Style'
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: Why you should stop crediting Ronald Reagan for the fall of the Berlin Wall
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: All of you are going to be like @salesforce - value driven and customer focused. - @Benioff #DF12 #leadership #socbiz
@finalternatives: Can you defend your conviction? Explain how you reached conclusion? Tell the truth? Then you can sell your hedge fund says Minard #FINforums
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: DJIA closes at highs. Confidence in the market rises.
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: We have been very fortunate on timing - mobile is changing everything. @Benioff #DF12 #leadership
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Value of US household Real Estate: $19.1 trillion; value of US financial assets: $52 trillion. Guess which Bernanke is targeting
@EconBrothers: Math is a Major Edge via @RPSeawright
MW/AMFM wrote: @EconBrothers: France's economic conditions dim; Eurozone core growth in trouble via @SoberLook #econ
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Together is faster. Business agility is the driving motivation behind collaboration. #hbrchat #DF12
@FiduciaryNews: What Toy Story II tells us about Conflicts-of-Interest #fiduciary #401k #IRA #investor
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@ProSyn: Shiller argues that a big problem with economic forecasting is that current crisis is driven by psychology/panic.
MW/AMFM wrote: @PhebeOhYes: RT @tcottruth: "If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law." Winston Churchill
Help u make your way in shark infested waters!
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Behind every B2B, there is a C. - @garyvee | humanize your business. #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Social media: what most companies don't know - Harvard Business Review #business #cio #cmo #DF12
Systems that try to Quantify everything so decisions don't have to be made and no responsiblity for mistakes unfortunately mistakes are good!
@SeekingAlpha: As Rates Go Up Over Time, So Will Bank Of New York Mellon's Stock $BK
@SkipPrichard: The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use - Warren Berger - Harvard Business Review
MW/AMFM wrote: @alansmurray: Here's the real data on the "47 percent"
MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: Frontrunning: September 20

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: PIMCO CEO IDENTIFIES 5 'TAIL RISKS' POSSIBLE IN NEXT 6 MONTHS. Don't worry, there's a QE for that
@FinancialTimes: Opinion: Fund managers must break their silence
@Buddhism_Now: Everyday Buddhist: It's practising the dharma that protects us from suffering.
Stationarity and Linear
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P ????Lv?F??X???F?r?\
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: People and machine social connections can improve customer support and innovation. #socbiz #CIO #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Machines must be part of your social network graph. #socbiz #CIO #CMO #DF12
@zerohedge: Guest Post: The Inevitable Decline Of Retail
The social animal complexity and social eco biz politics markets and finance
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Business is social. Because people are social. #socbiz #leadership #DF12
@zerohedge: Piper Jaffray: fundamentals dont matter.
@federalreserve: Current FAQ: Why are interest rates being kept so low?:
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: We can fail alone. To succeed we need each other. Collaboration leads to growth. #socbiz #DF12 #leadership
The art of war managers as 11:53:05 AM team captains sports as a metaphor for life/business
@Hedgeye: @KeithMcCullough Domestically, closer to elex, spread btwn Obama and Romney will narrow => dollar bullish
Duke basketball
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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Managing Information: Email Vs a Collaboration Platform by @jacobm #e20 #socbiz #DF12
Planet Munn
The book and the tennessee porch blue chips and dinner MW/SocialMedia
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: The brilliant prudence of Dwight Eisenhower: Never showy or impulsive, Ike always looked ahead
Lean mean and keep it green PM

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: We are all welfare queens now: What Romney's misstep says about race, politics, and progress
@TheBrainScience: Naomi Wolf's Vagina Aside, What Neuroscience Really Says About Female Desire
@LeadersLearn: "The journey is the reward."?- Taoist Proverb. How well are you rewarded? Free inspiration at
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: The best part of collaboration is the opportunity for us to open doors for others. Be a door opener. #leadership #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Social business transformation is an inside, out process. Start with a culture that's people centric. #DF12 #socbiz
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: #TheRules of social media: small town rules apply: learn names, be friendly, be open, don't judge. @FastCompany #DF12
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MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: RT @Jon_Ferrara: The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media - Harvard Business Review #DF12
@edge: "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife". Harvard historian Karen King's exciting discovery on an ancient fragment of papyrus. NYT:
@NBCNewsBusiness: Save eight times salary for retirement, Fidelity says
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Without reciprocity, collaboration cannot exist. #socialmedia #DF12
@blauds: ND move to ACC not good news for everyone in the ACC
MW/AMFM wrote: @TheAtlantic: How Steve Sabol helped teach America to watch football
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: There is no safety in the status quo. #socbiz #leadership #DF12
@insideview: "The days of cold calling are over for us." Check out this InsideView case study #salesintelligence
Built on set of principles that can be defined by mayo model and social media the new thing requires you change model or get trapped/buried alive
MW/AMFM wrote: @politico: Connecticut GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon: 'I disagree' with Romney:
@Smart401k: Use of managed 401(k) funds on the rise - CBS News
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MW/AMFM wrote: @zerohedge: NAHB 40, highest since 2006. In other news, Libor bankers say Libor is not manipulated
Made a monkey out of him end of men and the era of the monkeyman!!
@zerohedge: Bob Janjuah - "Central Banks Are Attempting The Grossest Misallocation Of Capital In The History Of Mankind"
@FastCompany: Are you leading the team you need? Or are you leading the team you have?

Monday, September 17, 2012

@ValaAfshar: Three keys to social #business cultural transformation; define it, live it, and measure it. #leadership #DF12
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Avoid outsourcing your core competencies. Relationship building must be a core competency. #socbiz #DF12
@DavidRoussell: There's no substitute for a dream; period. If U want it go after it & if it's not attainable let the universe tell U that. #Bold, #Courage
MW/AMFM wrote: @ValaAfshar: Tell people what you believe instead of what you do. Like-minded people widen your collaboration circle. #socbiz #DF12