Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Foundation of Modular-Finance™.....

Modular-Finance™.....An Antifragile State of Mind.....

1- Complexity Theory
2- Competition Science
3- Systems Thinking
4- Biomimicry
5- Stake Holder Theory
6- Capitalism 4.0
7- Evolution Theory
8- Liquid Modernity

 tenents of Modern Finance......Fragilista Finance.....

1- Rational Expectations
2- EMH
4- Shareholder Value
5- Stationarity
6- Equilibrium Theory

Modular-Finance™ concerns itself with the practical application of these ideas to the World of Finance. The Goal is to provide a new way of thinking that is more reflective of the Real World and How the Real World Really order to help people make more intelligent decisions on MAIN Street ( LIFE decisions), WALL Street ( INVESTMENT decisions) and PENNSYLVANIA Ave ( POLICY decisions).

It's the classic...The Red Pill or The Blue Pill...It's up you....

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