Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the MODULAR World, There is a TIME and a PLACE for Everything

That's why our investment universe is expanded to encompass and analyze the full spectrum of available choices and investment tactics and why our Model is called the MW/AMPM-System. In the Modular World, Time is Money. Managing the MATRIX is about finding the right investments for the right time. The traditional approach, MPT, is often a broken clock and professes to be nothing more. It only promises to be right every 20 years. You can't change the wind but you can adjust the sails as they say. The Modular approach provides us with the tools to sail a smoother and swifter course. Changes can be subtle or dramatic as required. The point is, there are always options and adjustments that can be made as circumstances change or conditions warrant. This is not the rudderless ship the traditional approach sails into the future. The MODULAR Approach is forward looking. It's about setting clear goals, and return requirements, simply investing for the long term in our view is both nebulous and meaningless. Successful long term investing is about compounding positive returns over time not about having a long time to get even. Long term investing means different things to different people at different times and consequently produces random results. Diversify buy and hold requires very little thought and even less work on the part of both the advisor and client and over the last 10 years has produced results commensurate with that effort. Set it and forget it?... forget it.
We believe the next five years will be especially challenging for investors, as the Global economy contracts, consolidates and evolves. The World is Changing. The length, depth, and result of this transformation, remains to be seen, only time will tell. In the Modular World there's a time and a place for everything. We believe the need to adapt to a more flexible and proactive strategy to succeed in this environment is more than compelling, the times demand it.

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