"Competition is a surprisingly difficult concept even to define. Modern lexicographers have failed repeatedly to improve on the definition given by Samual Johnson in his 1755 work Dictionary of the English Language. In it he declares "competition" to be a noun meaning "the act of endeavoring to gain what another endeavors to gain at the same time; rivalry; contest."

It was not until 1944 that John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern developed a truly workable definition of competition. It took them an entire chapter of their groundbreaking Theory of Games and Economic Behavior to explain what they had done.From the realization that a game is - for analytical purposes - nothing more than a book of rules, they distilled a concise (if forbiddingly technical) definition of a game.

Competition is a Game - and the Science of Competition is found in Game Theory and Behavioral Economics......Not All Games Are Zero Sum..........mfim* ~  Modular-Finance in Motion™

From, COMPETITION, The Birth of a New Science, James Case

Both Capitalism and Life are inherently Competitive ~ Competition drives
innovation ~ 

 - simple fact, often overlooked - it is the X-Factor in Dynamic Systems - without competition you get entropic inevitability  - you compete to survive - In The compete you adapt you evolve or you die.......